We Help Render Your Website And Web Content ‘WCAG 2.1 Compliant’ Which Gives You The Opportunity to be recognised as A Conscious Business That Cares About Providing Access to People with Disability!

. . . PLUS Gives Your Business A ‘Foot In The Door’ Into The $650B/Year ‘Untapped Online Disability Market'

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Is Your UK Website
WCAG 2.1 Compliant?
AND Why Is It Important!

Something is currently going on and it’ll only be a matter of time before it affects your organisation! So why not get ahead of this and step up your social responsibility at the same time.

A few UK Public Sector Websites have already faced legal action brought by The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). Given that, the UK Government has adopted the WCAG 2.1 level AA as a suitable standard for public sector sites. . . .

It’s the act which requires ALL UK Public Sector Organisations, including local councils to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web content.

From the 23 September 2019 new accessibility regulations have come into force. Public Sector Websites will need to meet certain accessibility standards and publish statements saying they have been met. Existing websites had until 23 September 2020 to comply and Apps until 23 June 2021 to complY. Those dates have come and gone…Now you are open to a lawsuit if you are not compliant. This is where we can help…

Besides, No UK Public Sector or Private Sector Business Is Exempt from Our Basic Social Responsibility.
Doesn’t Matter If You’re A:

Local Biz Owner

Online Marketer


Doctor, Dentist Or Specialist

Ecom Store Owner

Or Own A Website

WCAG 2.1 provides that web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies . . .

Get A FREE Review Of Your Website And Web Contents For ADA Compliance Today . . .

And Even If This Law Did Not Exist...We Have A Responsibility To the Disabled Community In Our Society!

Get A FREE Review Of Your Website And Web Contents For WCAG 2.1 Compliance Today . . .

There are so many other added benefits to having your website/web content  WCAG 2.1 Compliant . . .

Avoid Nasty and Costly Lawsuits That Suck Your Bank Accounts Dry . . .

Rank Higher In The Search Engines With Less Effort . . .

Profit From the $650 Billion Disabled Market With A Capital ‘B’

... Plus Tap Into The $650 Billion/Year Disability Market

If you ever thought that the blind, deaf and physically challenged don’t use the internet or shop online just like you do then you need to RE-THINK!

Having your website/web contents WCAG 2.1 compliant gives you an easy ‘Foot In The Door’ into this multi-billion dollar disability market!

But How Do You Get Your Website To Be WCAG 2.1 Compliant

Truth is, it’s not close to being easy . . .

You’ll have to go through TONS AND TONS of assets HOPING that you’ll get everything compliant on your site.

And even if you take care of current items on your site, what about all the other pages, files, videos, audio files, and more that are lurking in the dark recesses of your server that you’ve forgotten about?

"To try and sort through each and every one of these items, making sure they are WCAG 2.1 compliant could take you weeks or even months!"

Not to mention that you need to make sure that you:

But We’ve Got You Covered . . .

Why not sit back, while we help you get your websites and ALL your web contents WCAG 2.1 compliant in a flash . . .

We Offer Our Experience To Solve Your Problem And Help You Get Your Website & Web Content WCAG 2.1 Compliant In A Flash

Guess What . . . WCAG 2.1 is Great For SEO Too!

Becoming WCAG 2.1 compliant simply means making your site more accessible . .


Did you know that having an accessible website is so important that Google ranks it higher than one that isn’t accessible?


So by not having an accessible website for disabled people, you could be losing out on a ton of potential customers which means losing out on more potential revenue.

Just another reason to get your web content to be WCAG 2.1 Compliant now!


Get A FREE Review Of Your Website And Web Contents For ADA Compliance Today . . .

Ready to Get Started & Join Us to Create More Positive Impact?

We Have The Expertise That Renders Your UK Website And Web Content Accessibility Compliant And Makes Your Company Stand Out As A Business That Is Inclusive & Cares.

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